Liva 5 Eco

Category: Lotus

width: 508.00mm
height: 1002.00mm
depth: 405.00mm
Heat output: 5.00 kW
Material: Steel

Available colors

Available versions
Woodburning External air supply kit

Nominal heat output and range 5kW (3 - 7kW)

Eco Design ready

At 100 cm, the Liva 5 is the smallest stove in the series.
It comes in 4 variants, each with its own elegant characteristics.

The two basic stoves come with steel panels or steel panels with an in-built glass side panel respectively so that the impressive flames can be enjoyed from even more angles.

Moreover, Liva 5 is also available with two exciting stone claddings on the side and top. It is available in either the classic soapstone, which with its unique ability to store heat is always popular, or with an exciting sandstone cladding, a beautiful, living stone that gives the stove a unique look.

Top plate Soapstone/Indian Night